Train The Trainer

train the trainerPurpose

Program helps both experienced and novice trainers polish the skills they need to facilitate Training that’s participative, fun, and has a lasting impact.

It turns out that the Train the Trainer model, where participants learn a subject and simultaneously learn how to teach others provides feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment better than other teaching models.

When you’re looking at people who facilitate learning, they are already subject matter experts. These people are frequently the ones who are veterans of your organization but simply knowing the subject at hand often isn’t enough to make a great training experience.

These people need to know not just the “what” but also the “how ” to maximize effectiveness.

Target Audience

When clients call and say their trainers or subject matter expert (SME) instructors need help to be more effective when facilitating training, we ask if they’ve been through a train the trainer course or instructor development workshop. The answer is always a resounding “YES!” When we do a bit more investigating, we find out that their facilitators have studied the content of the training they will be teaching but not the process of facilitating training itself. Training the trainer and instructor training courses provide individuals with not only the practical instructional design skills, platform techniques and confidence they need, but also with critical skills to facilitate learning and ensure retention. Taking the process a bit further, trainer certifications ensure an individual has demonstrated competency in the essential skills needed to get results in the classroom.

Course Content

Skilled workers are harder and harder to find. To stay competitive, productive and profitable, organizations need ongoing, results-driven business training. It takes corporate trainers with practical skills and up-to-date training strategies to do this well.

A train the trainer process provides instruction, coaching and feedback to prepare those who deliver training, including full time trainers, subject matter experts, supervisors, and managers, either in a classroom (physical or virtual) or on-the-job setting.

  • How to create TRUST with each trainee before class even starts
  • How to captivate them within the first five minutes 
  • How to use proven techniques to generate MORE credibility and MORE rapport and get them in the palm of your hand by the first break
  • Which questions and techniques you should be engaging them on a lesson-to-lesson basis so their minds never wander
  • “Attention CPR”…How to help them follow along and make sure they stay on track and get them listening and participating again!
  • The “lightbulbs” concept attainment strategy
  • Using Non-Verbals: body language and tone of voice techniques to get you’re your trainees to listen, learn, follow, understand and apply what you say.
  • Q&A steps that actually work and ensure you’re only the perfect questions! 
  • The two most important things to do with ANY challenging trainee to minimize distractions 
  • Amazing Ending: The perfect way to end the class and show it was worthwhile to move them to respond with enthusiasm and apply what they learned to the real world.
  • Benchmark Assessing: How to ensure each learner has mastered key objectives
  • The sneaky tricks that triple your classroom fun and enjoyment 
  • Lesson Plan Creation: The exact steps to prepare and practice your own irresistible training that you can be certain they will crave everything you have to teach.
  • Must-use tools to organize your material deliverability

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
Train the Trainer18,000

3 days 10:00-18:00Thursday