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Elite, with a team of professionals with vast and diverse experience, provides a wide range of consultancy services for Marine, Offshore, Ports and Trading services. We conduct surveys and inspections of Ports, Vessels, Marinas and Offshore units before their commercial deployment. We have experienced team for carrying out technical supervision of new building construction. We carry out pre-charter commercial negotiations for VC, TC, BBHP and COAs on behalf of our clients. With considerable experience of carrying out negotiations and dispute settlement, our team is geared up to serve the needs of the industry, should they ever arise.






our services

  • Marine and Offshore Services

  • Commercial Employment of Vessels

  • Negotiations and Dispute Settlement 

  • Vessel Pre-purchase and Pre-charter Inspection

  • Port and Marina Planning, Construction and Management

  • Supervision of New Building construction

  • Safety compliance inspection of Ports and Terminals

  • Sea & River Lighterage Activity 

  • Rig move and 8-point anchoring system verification

  • Towing Plan & Bollard Pull


Assessment & Mitigation of  Projects

Any new project requires its risks to be assessed during planning stage, mitigation plan of the assessed risk to be tabulated and adhered to during implementation / construction stage of the project. We undertake such studies with the help of professional in particular project being undertaken, evaluate the risks involved, suggest mitigation procedure and oversee the implementation of mitigation process till the completion of the project.

NORM pipe cleaning

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Decontamination & Disposal for Oil & Gas Industry

We undertake removal of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Wastes (LSA – Low Specific Activity Scales)  from Oil and Gas production pipelines and safe disposal of the same as per Indian rules and regulation pertaining to handling of Nuclear Wastes – Uranium 238 and Thorium 232.

Port and Terminal Safety Training

Have experience of training port and inland container terminal workers in basic safety precautions and monitoring their performance for accident free port operations. We are already serving few esteemed clients and open to query for other such opportunities.

industrial employees

Shortlisting Suitable Candidates as per Job Profile

Recruitment of staff is not only the most frequent purpose of competence assessment but is also the domain where companies seem to assess people most extensively and systematically.

This is because, in cases of external recruiting, managers do not know the candidate. Qualifications, certificates or other documents may only insufficiently inform about the required skills set.

Moreover, selection of inappropriate candidates can be extremely costly to the company.

Magnetic compass

Adjustment and Repairs of Ship's Magnetic Compass

Compass adjustment and repairs is taken for all makes and models of magnetic compass, fitted on large ocean going ships, Yatchs, Harbour tug boats, Naval ships and any other vessel.

Magnetic compasses should be adjusted when:

1) They are first installed
2) They become unreliable
3) The observed error consistently exceeds the allowed limit of 5° on one or more headings.

our expertise

Offshore Services


All types of offshore logistics and planning related to marine environment.


Mainline shipping and transportation. 3rd party inspection.


Industrial Health & Safety and Experiential Learning