Struck by Hazard

Purposestruck by hazard

The learning objectives of the struck by hazard course is to recognize workplace conditions and practices that have the potential for struck-by accidents, and to understand the guidelines for avoiding and preventing these conditions.

Struck-by accidents are one of the four top causes of fatalities in construction work and can result in serious injuries as well. But they don’t have to happen.

Struck-by accidents occur when a person is hit by a moving object. On construction sites this can include being hit on the head by a falling hammer, hit by particles being thrown from a grinder, hit by a truck that’s backing up, or hit by a load of wallboard that’s being hoisted.

Target Audience

All personnel responsible for analyzing and managing risks, and for responding to and investigating incidents and accidents.

  • Managers – Operations, Safety and Executive
  • Engineers – Process, Safety and Mechanical
  • Compliance Auditors, Safety Inspectors
  • Safety/Operations/Crew/Technical Dept Personnel interested to broaden their knowledge.

Course Content Struck by Hazard

Recognize four categories of struck-by hazards

Struck-by flying object
Struck-by falling object
Struck-by swinging object
Struck-by rolling object

Identify general safety practices
Identify preventive safety measures for heavy equipment
Identify preventive safety measures for vehicles
Recognize employer requirements to protect workers from struck-by hazards

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
Struck by Hazard7,000 1 day10:00-18:00On Demand