Small Bore Tubing & Fittings (SBT)

small bore tubing SBTPurpose

The purpose of Small Bore Tubing & fittings (SBT) course is to train delegates in minimum common set of requirements for the design, material selection, installation, testing and inspection, marking of small bore tubing, small bore tubing system components and small bore piping for application in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

Target Audience
Instrumentation engineers, pipe fitters, mid level project managers.
Course Content – Small Bore Tubing & Fittings (SBT)

1. Introduction to Small Bore Tubing and their application
2. SBT Incidents and consequences associated with SBT assemblies
3. Differences between tubing and pipe
4. Tubing specifications
5. Preparing, handling and storing tubing correctly
6. The tools used for working with tubing
7. Component Inspection and Fault Finding
8. Tube Bending practices
9. SBT systems and components
10. Correct assembly and installation of fittings
11. Isolation of SBT systems
12. Joint inspection
13. Correct dismantling techniques
14. Safety initiatives introduced to reduce the number of SBT incidents
15. Types of engineering drawings used in the assembly and installation of SBT
16. Common symbols used on engineering drawings
17. Importance of correctly following engineering drawings
18. Twin ferrule mechanical grip fittings and working
19. Differentiate between metric and imperial fittings
20. Distinguish between parallel and tapered threads
21. Applying thread sealant to tapered threads
22. Describe port connectors, caps and plugs
23. Use of expansion loops in tubing runs
24. Correct use of clamps
25. Vibration and its impact in SBT assemblies

Practical exercises:

26. Assemble fittings
27. Assemble a Twin Ferrule fitting
28. Use gap gauge, disassemble and remake
29. Mark out, cut, prepare and carry out basic tube bending exercises
30. Mark out, cut, preparation and tube bending exercise including a rolled offset
31. Fabricate, install, support and clamp tube assembly, then pressure test by the trainer,
then dismantle the tube assembly

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
SBT18,0002 days10:00-18:00On DemandPractical Workshop