Rig Move and Jacking Operations

Rig move and Jacking OperationsPurpose

Rig Jacking operation is a specialist job and often very exhausting and some times terrifying when things go wrong. So it is all the most important to be properly trained in the rig jacking operation so that risks involved are known and is anticipated well in time to take a corrective action.

Rig Jacking Operation course is developed for Officers who intend to obtain specific knowledge regarding operation of Jack-Up rigs, platforms, barges, self-propelled vessels with the jack-up system (liftboats).

Target Audience 

Barge master, Deck pusher and marine crew who are in-charge and manning any of the 3 legs during rig move and positioning.

Course Content 

Course consists of practical approach to following:

  • Description and History of Jack-Ups       
  • Leg Types
  • Comparison of Three Corded Leg Vs Four Corded Leg      
  • Types of Jacking Systems 
  • Types of Jacking Consoles           
  • Spud Cans / Leg Footings            
  • Rack Phase Difference (RPD) / Seabed 
  • Eliminating RPD’s  
  • Construction and Design             
  • Seabed Survey
  • Importance of Pre Jacking Meeting 
  • Pre-Loading – Why It’s So Important      
  • Preloading with Different Soils / Soft Clay / RPD’s / Stomping
  • Jacking Operation with Different Soils / Soft Clay / no RPD’s
  • Raising and Lowering legs
  • Jetting systems
  • Communication with all leg’s crew while Jacking
  • Leveling Rig – Clinometer / Bubbler
  • Inclination from rig to platform and distance off the platform
  • Torque on legs
  • Punch Through
  • Emergency Situations While Jacking Up or Down

After completion of course delegates will know and understand: the properties and limitations of jacking systems including rack phase difference calculation; essentials of jacking operations including corresponding hazards and controls; equipment that critical for safety of Jack-Up rig, site-specific rules and procedures including emergency response.

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
Rig Jacking Ops75,000 3 days10:00-18:00On DemandVirtual Class Online