OFC (Offshore Familiarisation Course)

Offshore Familiarisation

Purpose Offshore Familiarisation

Offshore  Familiarisation Course is enhance the knowledge of seafarers who would like to join an offshore fleet. May be also useful to offshore workers whilst changing their specialization.

Retrieving oil under extreme pressures:

Offshore oil and gas operations often involve drilling and retrieving oil under extreme pressures; in other words, for every 33 feet of descent, pressure increases by 14.5 psi. Therefore, needless to say, offshore deepwater operations involve extreme dangers related to high pressure, low temperature and visibility.
Moreover, due to the need for technologies that can work in extreme environments, offshore oil and gas firms also face high costs when drilling in deep waters. 
Extreme weather conditions:
Offshore drilling and production platforms are like living on a knife-edge. The crew often has to work under extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, technicians have to continuously check whether the installation and all systems above and below water are running safely and smoothly.
The strong variability in ocean current strength, direction and vertical shear as well as in wave height and periodicity apply strong loads on all material increasing significantly the fatigue on the medium and long term.

A continuously improved understanding of ocean conditions and variability are key elements for the development of sustainable, safe and reliable offshore material and operations.

Target Audience

Ship’s Masters, Officers and crew.


Course Content Offshore Familiarisation

  • Offshore vessels types and designations
  • Basic Offshore operations
  • Supply Cargo Operations (type of cargo, its transportation, loading/offloading)
  • Basic knowledge of offshore towing operations
  • Main aspects and practice in harbour operations
  • Induction and practice on ASD vessels, including harbour tug
  • Ship handling with different propulsion/Thrusters
  • Basic knowledge of Anchor Handling, including exercises on simulator
  • Basic health and safety requirements.

Types of ship covered in the course

• Platform Support Vessel
• Anchor Handling & Towing Vessel
• Accommodation Barge
• Construction Barge
• Pipelay Vessel
• Cable Lay Vessel
• Diving Support Vessel
• Well Stimulator Vessel
• Seismic Survey Vessel
• Drillships and Semi-Subs
• Deep Sea Mining Vessel
• Heavy Lift Crane Vessel
• Jackup Construction Vessel

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
OFC7,000 1 day10:00-18:00On Demand