Mobile Crane Operator Training

Mobile Crane operator trainingPurpose

The Mobile Crane Operator Training or Rough Terrain (RT) Crane Operator training is designed to give in depth knowledge of load and crane stability so that crane operator is aware of the danger involved due to tripping moment caused by heavy load. Also fresh trainees get hands on experience on running the Mobile RT Crane. The course covers syllabus as per OSHA  1926.1400 guidelines. The 5 days of mobile crane operator training covers all aspects of crane safety in detail, be it crawler crane or rubber tyre mobile crane.

Target Audience


  • Experienced Operators
  • Trainees
  • Loss Control/Safety
  • Management
  • Inspectors

Course Content

Mobile Crane Operator Training

  • Crane operational characteristics
  • Frequent and periodic inspections
  • How to read and apply load charts
  • How to use a range diagram
  • Quadrants of operation
  • Reeving and line pull
  • Proper mobile crane set-up
  • Evaluating ground and soil stability
  • Outriggers and pad loading
  • Use of jibs and extensions
  • Stability vs Structural competence
  • Evaluating the load
  • Wire rope types and inspection
  • Accident prevention and root cause
  • How to determine load weight
  • Effects of side loading
  • Power line contact prevention
  • Crane hands signals
  • Personnel lifting
  • Rigging Practice and Safety
  • Crane Safety –  site hazard identification and inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance and Safety Inspection
  • Computerized Operator Aids — An overview of computer-assisted operation.
  • On-Site Equipment Movement —  hazards  such as unlevelled ground, power lines etc.

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
Mobile RT Crane Operator25,000 3 days10:00-18:00MondayPractical Training