Greenhand Roustabout Course

Roustabout Course


While hiring new workers with no previous experience, the leading companies that operate offshore oil rigs tend to give preference to the candidates that got their Greenhand Roustabout Certification. Normally Roustabout course or training that covers aspects like Work Safety, Introduction to Drilling Operations, Manual Handling, Working at Heights, Helicopter & Helideck Safety, and Banksman Slinging. The value of this course consists in helping applicants have better understanding of the lifestyle and the responsibilities having to do with staying on offshore oil rigs in the open sea waters, harsh weather conditions and challenging environment they are to be exposed while working as part of offshore oil drilling deck crew.

Target Audience Roustabout Course

Roustabout course has been designed for new entrants to the offshore industry.

Course Content Roustabout Course

Roustabout Course provides condensed and comprehensive schooling that cover the following areas and disciplines, having to do with offshore oil exploration/production operations the low end personnel normally deals aboard offshore oil drilling platforms, semi-submersibles, MODU’s, FPSO’s, drillships. Types of drilling equipment, features of the lifestyle and promotional pathways are a few of the introductory topics that will be covered in the training. Specific hazards in manual handling, chemical handling and working at height will be discussed along with risk assessment and controls for reducing hazardous operations. In addition, helicopter and helideck safety will be presented – an important understanding for new entrants as the majority of travel to and from offshore will be by air.

1) Understand the basics of offshore operations
2) Understand the hierarchy of drilling personnel and paths for personal career progression
3) Identify the characteristics of the offshore lifestyle and its impact on home life
4) Understand how personal & installation waste affects the marine environment
5) Identify hazards associated with drilling operations and living offshore
6) Describe an installation’s safety procedures
7) Understand the importance of planning the job for effective and proactive management of safety
8) Identify the steps of risk assessment and demonstrate how to develop a sample risk assessment
9) Identify manual handling hazards
10) Understand mechanical devices & the use of teamwork to help with manual handling tasks
11) Identify sources of chemical hazards and COSHH regulations
12) Understand practical controls for chemical hazards including substitution, elimination and appropriate PPE
13) Identify working at Height (WAH) activities and hazards
14) Identify controls for WAH and the safe use of ladders, scaffolding & MEWPs
15) Understand the safety issues associated with travelling by helicopter
16) Identify potential helideck duties
17) Identify helideck & helicopter emergency systems & controls

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks

2 days10:00-18:00On Demand