FRC / FRB (Fast Rescue Craft / Boat)

Fast Rescue Craft


Fast Rescue Craft / Boat course is designed as per IMO guidelines. It is to train personnel to operate FRC/FRB, which is mandatory for deployment in offshore field as per IOGP and on RO-RO passenger vessels as per IMO.

Rig Contingency Plans will describe the actions, relevant for the type of vessel and equipment used, to take in the event of a calamity on board a vessel. One of the topics covered is the emergency procedure/ plan of rescue and treatment of casualties, including the use of FRB’s.

The emergency procedure will describe initial actions to take by the Master, FRB coxswain and crew before, during and after launching a FRB. Another topic will be the rescue, treatment of and transfer to safety of casualties after recovery. Crew needs to be trained accordingly and the procedure/plan will be revised when there are changes in legislation or best practices.

Target Audience Fast Rescue Craft

Marine crew working in offshore fields and those taking up jobs on RO-RO passenger ferry.

Course Content Fast Rescue Craft

The Training Module consists of: 

  • Construction and outfit of fast rescue boats and individual items of their equipment
  • Particular Characteristics and facilities of fast rescue boats
  • Navigational and Safety equipment available in a fast rescue boat
  • Safety precautions during launch and recovery of a fast
  • How to handle a fast rescue boat in prevailing and adverse weather and sea conditions
  • Procedures for righting a capsized fast rescue boat
  • Search patterns and environment factors affecting their execution
  • Assessment of readiness of fast rescue boats and related equipment for immediate use
  • Knowledge of the maintenance, emergency repairs, normal inflation and deflation ofbuoyancy compartments of inflated fast rescue boat
  • Methods of starting and operating a fast rescue boat engine
  • Understanding the operation and limitations of winch, brakes, falls, painters, motion compensation and other equipment as commonly fitted
  • Safety procedures during launching and recovery of FRB
  • Launching and recovery of FRB in prevailing and adverse weather and sea conditions
  • Assessment of readiness of FRB and related equipment for immediate launch and operations
  • Particular characteristic, facilities and limitations of FRB
  • Procedures for righting of a capsized FRB
  • How to handle a FRB in prevailing and adverse weather conditions
  • Navigational and safety equipment available in a FRB
  • Search patterns and environmental factors affecting their executions
  • Method of starting and operating a FRB engine and its accessories.Construction and equipment and outfit of FRB and individual items of their equipment
  • Knowledge of maintenance, emergency repairs of FRB and the normal inflation and deflation of buoyancy
    compartment of inflated FRB
  • Assessment of readiness of launch equipment and launch appliance of FRB for immediate launch and

On completion of the training, the trainees will have knowledge of:

  • Construction and function of different FRC’s
  • Equipment in the FRC
  • Maintenance and maintain the FRC
  • Handle a capsized FRC
  • Recover and transport casualties
  • Take charge of a FRC
  • Manage FRC during launch, SAR and recovery
  • Operating VHF, PLB, GPS, SART, EPIRB

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
FRC9,000 3 days10:00-18:00Monday