DROPS Awareness & Prevention

DropsA dropped object is defined as ‘any object that falls from its previous static position under its own weight’. If an object falls, the force of gravity will pull it towards the ground and if you happen to be in the way you’ll be hit; it’s as simple as that.

The degree to which you might get injured will be influenced by many factors, but the simple rule of thumb is, the heavier or the further an object can fall, the more damage and injury it can cause. This course will help you identify potential objects, and look at ways to reduce the risk of harm.

The training is developed to raise awareness of falling objects throughout the oil and gas industry and beyond. The training concentrates strongly on the basics of falling object hazard identification, risk assessment and effective risk management. 

  1. Understanding Dropped Objects
  • Terms and definitions;
  • Static and dynamic dropped objects;
  • Primary, secondary retention and safety securing;
  • Causes and causal factors;
  • Incident and alert reviews

      2. Controlling and Preventing Dropped Objects

  • Hazard Identification, risk assessment and risk ranking;
  • DROPS calculator;
  • Leadership and ownership;
  • Preventive and mitigating controls;
  • Survey inspection and maintenance;
  • Remedial action and improvement actions;
  • Audit/Monitoring and management of change;
  • Tools at height and process Safety;
  • Classification of safety zones;
  • Plan and checklists;
  • Subsea dropped objects.

      3. DROPS through the supply chain

  • Considering the dropped objects threats;
  • Improvement opportunities at each stage of the typical chain.

      4. Hazard observation

  • Interactive and practical application of hazard identification, awareness, and understanding.

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
DROPS7,0001 Day
10:00-18:00On Demand