Communication Tower Safety Course

Communication TowerPurpose

As cellular telephone networks continue to expand, so do the employment opportunities for communication tower technicians. Cell tower technicians climb the face of telecommunications / cellular towers to install, test, maintain, repair and remove a variety of radio frequency and antenna equipment.

The industry needs people who have an interest in working at heights, have the ability to travel extensively and are dedicated to a safe work environment.

Target Audience

People who want to work as communication tower technician and those already in this industry.

Course content

Communication Tower Safety Course

  • Introduction to tower climbing regulations and OSHA standards
  • Principles of Fall Protection
  • Basic tower safety climbing and equipment review
  • Fall Protections Equipment, Capabilities and Inspection
  • Job Briefing Standard
  • Mandated Safety Meetings
  • Climbing Technique
  • Basic and Specific Equipment and Hauling Rigging Review
  • Knots – Lifeline inspection and care
  • PPE Inspection and Documentation
  • Rescue Procedures and Equipment Review
  • Rescue of an Injured and Post Fall Climber
  • Understanding, Prevention and Treatment for Suspension Trauma
  • First Aid – At Height – On the Ground – Basic Survival in remote locations
  • Site Hazard Analysis
  • Fixed Ladder Usage
  • Weather Considerations
  • RF Exposure
  • Basic Review of Tower Types and Construction

Course Fee INRDuration Course TimingDate CommenceRemarks
CTSC5,0001 day10:00-18:00On Demand