AHT (Anchor Handling & Towing) Course

Anchor Handling Towing


Anchor Handling and Towing Course is to enhance safety and give a thorough understanding of the theory and practice in anchor handling and winch operation. Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels are mainly built to handle anchors for oil rigs and platforms, tow them to location, anchor them up and, in a few cases, serve as an Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessel (ERRV). The supply function means that they are used to transport equipment and materials to and from offshore drilling rigs. This course is developed to provide good practice especially in anchor handling operations for mobile offshore drilling units (MODU).

Target Audience

Deck Officers taking up job on offshore AHTS vessels will gain in depth working knowledge from Anchor Handling and Towing Course.

Course Content

Equipment & layout:

  • Equipment, including wires, shackles, links and tools used in anchor handling.
  • Anchor handling vessel layouts, winch configurations and deck equipment.
  • Overview of anchor handling operations, from shallow water to deep water.
  • Decking anchors, altering fluke angles and anchor inspections, chain handling.
  • Towing rigs, barges, and towline configurations.
  • Wire stoppers/sharks jaws, use and care of towing pins and jaws.
  • Vessel capabilities, position keeping and stability requirements.
  • Winch operation.
  • Risk assessment processes and risk management tools.
  • Spring buoys deployment on obstructions
  • Difference between PCP and Buoyed system
  • Difference in anchor handling requirement of Drillship, Semisub, Jackup and Tender barge.


  • Non-chasing or Buoyed system
  • Towing on a bridle
  • Delivering anchors
  • Deploying anchors
  • Chasing back
  • Retrieving PCP
  • Pickup PCP
  • Chasing to Anchor
  • Pulling out Anchor
  • Retrieving anchor

Towing on a bridle:

  • Pins up & Pins down
  • Stability requirement
  • Gog Chain requirement
  • Limiting angle of tow wire
  • Length of tow wire
  • Weather factor in tow wire tension
  • Course alteration while towing
  • Precaution while two or more vessel pulling one tow

Anchor Handling Towing

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
AHT20,000 3 days10:00-18:00Monday & Thursday