RINA Industry 4.0

RINA Industry 4.0

RINA offers a training course on industry 4.0 and related enabling technologies, also accessible online or in self- training on the RINA Training 4.0 platform.
Each technology is addressed in a series of introductory and in-depth modules, the latter at various levels. At the end of the training, RINA will release:

• A report illustrating the organizational methods and contents of the training activities carried out.
• A certificate of attendance, detailing the hours and minutes of training

Rise to the top

Improve profitability

With technology, you can improve on delivery time, and time saved is money saved.

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Streamline your processes

Above training will link your organisational bits and pieces and streamline the flow.

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Invest in digitalization

Out of the 11 training modules, your organisation will certainly benefit from one or more. 

RINA Industry 4.0
streamline your process

With almost 160 years of experience across a wide range of industries, RINA is a multinational company that helps clients build strong, successful businesses.

Through a global network of 3,900 talented professionals operating out of 200 offices in 70 countries, we support market operators across the entire lifecycle of their projects, whilst assisting them in renewing their products, technologies and services.

Entrusting a project to us means being sure that everything will be taken care of, and our mindset allows us to apply a simple approach to complex situations. RINA Industry 4.0