Health & Safety Representative

Health & Safety RepresentativePurpose

The Health & Safety Representative course incorporates theoretical, practical and reflexive learning. It ensures that the learner is exposed to the true requirements and function of the H&S Representatives in the working environment.

The health and safety representative training course ensures learners understand the relevant act, legislation and all round knowledge of health and safety representative training.

The H&S Representative appointment is a legal requirement in most of the countries and required for organisation having more than 20 employees

Roles of Health & Safety Representative
  • Assisting the Health and Safety Officer.
  • Attending Health and Safety Committee meetings.
  • Identifying hazards and risks in the workplace.
  • Listening to and investigating Safety related complaints from employees.
  • Assisting with the investigation of accidents that occur in the workplace.
  • Making Safety related suggestions to senior management and/or the Health and Safety Officer.
Target Audience

The course is suitable for new and existing trade union representatives, safety committee members, and specially public and private sector organisations having an employee count of more than 20 persons.

Course Content

• Principles of accident prevention
• Sources of law
• Civil and criminal liabilities
• Consultation and involvement of employees
• Functions of employee/safety representative and safety committees
• Understanding hazards and risks
• Monitoring safety performance
• Accident reporting and investigation

The role of Safety Representative is not always a full-time job. This means that Safety Representatives sometimes take on the above-mentioned responsibilities in addition to their regular full-time jobs. The experience gained by working as a Safety Representative may, however, count in one’s favour if one is aiming to work toward a full-time career in the occupational health and safety industry.

While Safety Representatives are also required to undergo relevant training to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities, they do not necessarily need to study toward formal Occupational Health & Safety qualifications.

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
HSR7,0001 Day
10:00-18:00On Demand