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Recruitment of staff is not only the most frequent purpose of competence assessment but is also the domain where companies seem to assess people most extensively and systematically.

This is because, in cases of external recruiting, managers do not know the candidate. Qualifications, certificates or other documents may only insufficiently inform about the required skills set.

Moreover, selection of inappropriate candidates can be extremely costly to the company.

Personnel and competence development

This refers to upgrading responsibilities, adapting employees’ competences, which is not necessarily connected to career progression (even for given job positions, required skill sets may constantly change). In this context, prior competence assessment – against skills requirements – becomes necessary to define for each employee the skills gap and required training or learning measures.

Career progress and succession planning

Validating competences is also used for career development and succession planning, when identifying and developing successors for, for example, management positions. The purpose is to measure an individual’s competences against requirements of a higher job position and to establish their potential as well as possible personnel development measures if needed.

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Employee Trade Validation