cybersecuritySub Module -1: Introduction to the solutions available for IT security in the company

Duration: 3 Hrs

Recipients: users with the need to know and deepen the subject of IT cybersecurity. Very often the problems generated by the vulnerabilities of IT systems are underestimated, with consequences on the time and costs of restoring business functions. However, often the main problem is not in the technology, but in the use made of it.

Objectives: the module aims to introduce the user to cyber security, the enabling technology that aims to identify risk areas, recognize security incidents, protect against cyber attacks, respond to potentially harmful events and restore any services involved and damaged, with a focus on continuous improvement. The module will present recommendations and solutions to identify threats, vulnerabilities and cyber risks. Solutions will also be presented to protect company data from possible attacks and avoid any violations of the local network or its IT systems.


  • Introduction to the module
  • Introduction to cybersecurity

o Definitions
o Why cybersecurity?
o Threats and accidents in different sectors (major accidents)
o Laws, regulations, standards, guidelines and best practices

  • Awareness of cybersecurity

o What to protect (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)
o How much to protect (cost-effective)
o External and internal threats
o Attacks (targeted and non-targeted)
o Need for inventory, asset management (not just physical) and configurations
o Vulnerability assessment

  • Risk management

o Stages of the risk management process
o Risk mitigation measures (technical, physical and procedural)

  • Planning

o Incident response plans
o Business continuity plan (BCP)
o Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
o Third party activity plan
o Configuration change management plan
o integration plans with other systems / perimeters / organizations

  • Final thoughts – cybersecurity
  • Key points of this module.

The course is of 3 hour duration, suitable for everybody to take out some time from his busy schedule and gain skills to save his data achieved after a hard work.