Control of Work Training for Performing Authorities

Performing AuthoritiesPurpose 

The aim of the Training Program is to equip the delegate with a minimum, generic, industry-wide understanding and basic skills required of the role of the Performing Authority. The objectives of the Course are to ensure that Performing Authorities and prospective Performing Authorities:

(a) Are aware of their legal responsibilities of being in charge of work parties at the worksite

(b) Are able to recognise and assess worksite hazards and associated risks. And are able to control, reduce or eliminate the risks through formalised risk assessment systems and safe systems of work.

(c) Monitor and control the work effectively and respond appropriately to changes in work conditions or the work plan

(d) Manage and control work safely through effective communication and handovers at various stages of the work.

Target Audience

The target group for Training is personnel who intend to act, or are already acting, as a Performing Authority in the workplace.

Course Content

Effective control of work is crucial to safe operations and the people responsible for control of work are central to it. By implementing consistent training standards for key personnel responsible for control of work at oil and gas installations and sites, many incidents caused by inadequate control of work (or where inadequate control of work is a contributory factor) may be mitigated or prevented. There are a number of responsible roles involved in the control of work, but one of the key roles is the person responsible for control of work at the worksite(s).

Section 1: Course Overview
Section 2: Introduction to Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)
Section 3: Case Studies
Section 4: Work Control Certificates and Supporting Documentations
Section 5: SSOW Roles and ResponsibilitiesProcess-of-delegation-of-authority
Section 6: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
Section 7: Communication
Section 8: SSOW User
Section 9: Performing Authority
Section 10: Area Authority
Section 11: Responsible Electrical Person
Section 12: Isolating Authority
Section 13: Course Summary

CourseFee INRDurationCourse TimingDate CommenceRemarks
COWTPA20,0001 day10:00-18:00On DemandOPITO Approved