Cloud and fog computing


Sub Module -1: Introduction to the world of the cloud and to the calculation and analysis functions of business processes

Duration: 3 Hrs

Recipients: users with the need to know and make the best use of the potential offered by the cloud, in its various formulations and functions.

Objectives: the module has the purpose of introducing the user to the world of C&F computing, with particular reference to the various calculation functions, on-line and off-line, made available today and in the near future by the various suppliers of services.


  • Introduction to the module
  • What is the Cloud and Fog Computing
  • C&F computing a business model
  • Types of business models based on C&F Computing
  • What benefits
  • The enterprise data center of the future
  • The C&F computing in the society of the future
  • Final thoughts
  • Key points of this module

Sub Module -2: Insights into the cloud and business process analysis and calculation capabilities

Duration: 3 Hrs

Recipients: users involved directly and indirectly in projects related to Digital Transformation.

Objectives: the module aims to deepen the market Cloud architectures passing through Fog computing and edge computing.


  • Introduction to the module
  • What is the market offer
  • A new business model for 4.0 processes
  • Edge computing and fog computing
  • Final thoughts 
  • Key points of this module.

The main difference between fog computing and cloud computing is that cloud is a centralized system, while the fog is a distributed decentralized infrastructure.

Fog computing is a mediator between hardware and remote servers. It regulates which information should be sent to the server and which can be processed locally. In this way, fog is an intelligent gateway that offloads clouds enabling more efficient data storage, processing and analysis.

One should note that fog networking is not a separate architecture and it doesn’t replace cloud computing but rather complements it, getting as close to the source of information as possible.